Welcome to the guide that helps you install filmplus on firestick. The installation steps that I have shared on this page works for all variants of amazon firestick such as firestick 4k, firestick 4k max, fire tv cute, firestick lite, firestick 2nd generation & 3rd generation.

Firestick is a great way to watch movies and tv shows. Wait, firestick alone can’t do anything because it’s just a device and it won’t have any active services. To make it work for you, you should pay attention and install some wonderful movie apps such as FilmPlus.

Filmplus for firestick is truly a blessing and every single user who installed it on their firestick are enjoying hd movies for free of cost. If you also want to watch some high quaity series, shows and movies on your firestick, you can can install filmplus apk on firestick by following the instructions shared below.

What Is FilmPlus APK?

Filmplus APK is an android movie app which works only on android powered devices. Since firestick comes with fire os which is nothing but a variant of the android operating system, you can install it on your firestick.

So, you can take this advantage in your favour and watch some really good movies and tv shows on your firestick. Installation is not straightforward like in the case of an android phone. You have to follow a set of steps.

Don’t worry, let’s get started with the below steps and install filmplus apk on firestick.

How To Install FilmPlus on Firestick?

Filmplus is a third party movie application which is not available in the amazon app store. So, you cannot download it from the amazon store. Don’t worry, you can sideload filmplus to firestick by following some simple steps shared below. If you want to install it on your pc, check out the guide to Install FilmPlus on PC.

1. Turn On Apps From Unknown Sources

Since it is a third party application, you have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. You have to do it manually otherwise, you cannot sideload any apk file to your firestick.

  • Select Settings on the home screen of your firestick device.

firestick settings

  • Go to My Fire TV option and press “OK” in the fire tv remote.

my fire tv settings

  • Scroll down to the Developer Options and select it to open further settings.

firestick developer options

  • Now, scroll down to Apps from Unknown Sources (or) Install Unknown Apps option. It depends upon the operating system of your fire tv stick.

apps from unknown souces firestick

  • That option will be off by default and you have to turn it on.

2. Download & Install Downloader App

  • Go back to the home screen of your firestick and navigate onto the find icon (search bar).
  • Type Downloader and press ok to search for the app.

search for the downloader app

  • The search will get you the downloader app from the amazon app store.

download the downloader

  • Scroll down to the download icon and press ok button in your fire tv stick remote.
  • Once it is downloaded, open the app and click “Allow” button if you come across any such popup.

3. Download FilmPlus APK for Firestick Using Downloader App

  • Go back to the home screen of your firestick and move the pointer onto the downloader app.

open downloader app

  • Select the downloader app and press OK in the remote to open it up.
  • Click Allow if you see any message on the screen.
  • Go to Browser tab where you can see the URL bar to type / enter the web address of any app.

search bar of downloader

  • Type filmplusapk.info/download in the url bar and hit OK in the remote. Or, select the “Go” button and press ok in the remote to visit the entered url.

download filmplus apk for firestick

  • Firestick will now start downloading filmplus apk from the external source (from the official site filmplus.app).
  • Once the file is downloaded, you will see the installation prompt / wizard on the screen.
  • Select Install and hit OK.

install filmplus on firestick

  • Now, click Done or Open option according to your choice.

open filmplus app on firestick

  • Now, firestick will ask you to delete filmplus apk from firestick. Do that by clicking the Delete option because that will save some free space on your firestick.

How To Use FilmPlus on Firestick?

If you do not know how to use it on your fire tv stick, here is a simple step by step guide.

  • Launch filmplus app on firestick from the home screen / from the apps section.
  • Tap Allow to grant the necessary permissions to the app.
  • That will now take you to the home screen of the filmplus app and shows you the app’s interface with its contents.
  • On the home screen of the app, you can see some content such as movies / tv shows.
  • The top bar has a hamburger menu at left including category drop down menu. On the right hand side of the top bar, you can see the search bar, favorites section and some other options.

use filmplus app on firestick

  • Select and tap the hamburger menu on the left hand side to view the complete menu.
  • Choose TV Shows or Movies or Favorites section to get the content recommendations from respective categories.

settings of filmplus on firestick

  • Scroll down to the Settings option to explore the stuff such as Login to Real Debrid, Login to All Debrid, Login to Trakt TV and Login to Premiumize, etc.

login to real debrid on filmplus firestick

  • If you have an account with trakt or RD or AD, you can login to their services right from there.

Come back to the home screen or to the tv shows or movie section and select any movie to watch. Once you select the movie, tap Play button to start watching the movie/tv show.

Wrapping Up

Filmplus is a third party movie app designed for android devices and it is not available in the amazon app store. If you want to install filmplus on firestick, you should enable unknown souces and install downloader app. Visit the filmplusapk.info/download url using the downloader app to download filmplus apk for firestick from its official site. Follow the instructions shared on this page to install it and use it.