Is FilmPlus Not Working well for you? If so, I recommend you to read this guide. On this page, I have addressed all the common problems that the filmplus users are facing, with simple solutions. No matter if you are facing an issue with stream, buffering, no data or no links, I’ve got you covered.

Okay, there is a lot to discuss, let’s get started.

Why is FilmPlus Not Working?

Before getting into the solutions to fix FilmPlus, you need to understand what is the cause of the error / issue. The causes could be different from an user to user and I recommend you to check what suites you the best. Below are some of the common reasons for the errors that you get while using filmplus.

  • Not enough storage space on your device
  • App Cache
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Interruptions from other apps
  • Filmplus app’s version is outdated
  • Issues with the host / service provider
  • Issues with the third party video player
  • App compatibility issues

It’s not that easy to figure out the cause and even if you do, it’s little tough to fix it on your own. Worry not! you can fix filmplus errors by following the instructions shared below.

How To Fix FilmPlus Not Working [Not Loading / No Data / No Links / Beffering / Keeps Crashing] Issues?

You may follow any of the below mentioned methods to resolve the issue. But, please make sure to follow the step by step procedure to avoid confusions in the process.

1. Update The Filmplus Application On Your Device

The very first thing is to check the app’s version that you are currently using on your device. Because, the old versions will stop working after certain time when there is an update available. On the other hand, the developers of the filmplus app are very active in terms of regular updates. Check out the simple instructions to update the app.

  • Select and press the filmplus app’s icon on your device (only if already installed).
  • Click “App Info”.

tap app info option

  • Click “Uninstall” option and hit “OK”.

uninstall filmplus app

  • Now, go to Filmplus APK Download Page from here.
  • Tap the Download button and save the latest version to your device.
  • Click the apk file of the app (no need to enable unknown sources because you’ve already did it earlier).
  • Hit “Install” and launch the app by pressing the “Open” button on your android device.

install filmplus apk on android

You can follow the same instructions on your firestick, android tv and pc as well. If you haven’t installed it on your pc, you can read our guide to Install FilmPlus APK on PC.

2. Clear Cache / App Data for FilmPlus

Most of the times, third party apps such as fimplus encounter loading issues, buffering issues due to app cache. In case if your filmplus is not loading or closes upon opening, consider following the steps below.

  • Go to the home screen of your android mobile or tablet or firestick / android tv box.
  • Select and hold the app’s icon to explore the options.
  • Click “App Info” option on the popup.

tap app info option

  • Click “Storage Usage” option now.

tap storage usage option of film plus on android

  • Hit the “Clear data” option and press “OK” when prompted.

clear filmplus app data

  • Now, hit the “Clear cache” option and it won’t ask you any confirmation this time.

clear filmplus apk cache

This process works on pc (inside bluestacks) and firestick, android tv box, smart tv as well. If you haven’t installed it on your firestick yet, check out the guide to Install FilmPlus APK on Firestick.

3. Make Changes To The Settings Of The App

Check if you have misconfigured the app’s settings. Some unnecessary options will cause various playback issues, app crashes, etc. Go through the steps below to configure the app so that it works in your favor.

  • Launch the fimplus app on your device (android, firestick, smart tv or android tv box or pc).
  • Go to the hamburger menu of the app on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Now, go to “Settings” option.

filmplus settings

  • Scroll down to the Info section of the settings page.
  • Make sure that the “Show RealDebrid only” option is not selected (not turned on).

turn off show real debrid only option

  • Having selected this option will load only real debrid content and if you don’t have real debrid account, you won’t be able to play any movie / tv show.
  • Scroll up a little bit to the General section of the app’s settings.

hide unaired content on the app

  • Select the check boxes available besides Hide unaired season, Hide unaired episode options.
  • Because, the unavailable content will not have links for the playback.

This method will help you to fix filmplus no data, no links error.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Some wifi networks and mobile data providers might restrict you from using the third party mobile apps. If you are still getting filmplus blank page issue or filmplus white screen issue, I recommend you to check your internet connection.

Let’s say that you are using mobile data when getting the error, just connect your device to a wifi network. In case, if you are getting the errors while using the wifi connection, turn it off and use the app with your mobile data or connect to any other wireless network (if available).

5. Use A VPN

In general, a lot of people believe that using a vpn service will help them watch all their favorite shows and movies with no restrictions. In fact, it’s true because a vpn service provider will open up a new port for the user by assigning a different IP address.

When a user uses a vpn service, he/she will be able to access content which is basically not available for his location / device. A good vpn will cost few bucks a month and most of the VPN providers will charge the payment yearly. On the other hand, you can find a few free VPN apps to use but they are not as reliable as the paid services.

Anyhow, use a vpn to fix filmplus not loading content, blank page, no links, no data errors on the go.

6. Turn On/Off Subtitles

Some of the content will not be played without the subtitles and some with the subtitles. It’s definitely a hypothetical situation and may vary from device to device and an user to user.

If any of the above mentioned methods are not working for you, you can turn off/on subtitles and test things.

  • Open the filmplus application on your device.
  • Tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your device.
  • Click “Settings” option now.

open settings from three dots menu

  • Scroll down to the Subtitles section and tap “Choose primary subtitle” option.

configure filmplus app subtitles

  • If you haven’t selected any language for the subtitles, pick it from the list.
  • In case if you don’t want to use the subtitles, press “Play” option only and do not go with “Play with Subtitles” option while playing any content (tv show / movie).

You can follow the above method if subtitles are not working on filmplus app. Do not forget that you can’t customise the subtitles.

Wrapping Up

Filmplus won’t open and doesn’t load content some times if there is something wrong with it’s settings or compatibility. The issues are completely different because some people might get something like filmplus keeps crashing, not loading or buffering along with no links/data. Don’t worry! I have followed all the guidelines that I have shared on this page and able to fix the issues.